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Static Website Hosting is a leaderboard of the top static website hosting providers. It’s run by Cosmic, a headless CMS for static websites and apps, as a resource for those looking for options for the best static website hosts. The site itself is built with Gatsby, and is built and hosted on Netlify. You can check out the source on GitHub and contributions are more than welcome!

Static Website Hosting Providers

People sometimes ask if static sites make sense for anything beyond a one-pager. This leaderboard highlights the top static website hosting providers that make static websites not only viable, but an attractive option for creating sophisticated websites!

The typical CMS driven website works by building each page on-demand, fetching content from a database and running it through a template engine. This means each page is assembled from templates and content on each request to the server.

For most sites this is completely unnecessary overhead and only adds complexity, performance problems and security issues. After all, by far the most websites only change when the content authors or their design team makes changes.

With a Static Site Generator deployed to a specialized Static Website Hosting provider you generate all the pages of the website once when there’s actually changes to the site. This means there’s no moving parts in the deployed website. Caching gets much easier, performance goes up and static sites are far more secure.

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