Static Website Hosting

A list of static website hosting providers


Deploying static sites on Render is incredibly easy. Just link your GitHub or GitLab repo — we build your site every time you push to your repo and serve it over a global CDN with fully managed SSL.

Static sites on Render are free, with no cost at all to you unless you go above 100 GB of bandwidth per month.

Here’s what you get out of the box:

  • Continuous and automatic deploys from GitHub and GitLab.
  • Instant cache invalidation with a lightning fast, global CDN.
  • Unlimited teams and collaborators for free.
  • 100 GB/month bandwidth included at no cost. Additional bandwidth just $0.10/GB per month.
  • Automatic Pull Request Previews.
  • Redirects and Rewrites.
  • Custom HTTP headers.
  • Native HTTP/2 support.
  • Detailed bandwidth graphs.
  • Automatic Brotli compression for faster sites.
  • Automatic SSL certificate issuance and renewal using Let’s Encrypt.
  • Automatic HTTP → HTTPS redirects.
  • Unlimited custom domains.

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